Why We?

Better care.  They ensure that each home is properly maintained and that every guest experience meets our high standards of cleanliness and service.

Smarter care. Once your home is listed, our revenue management team adjusts your rates based on real-time market conditions, similar to how fares are set in the airline industry. 

Earn more. On average owners who switch to Luton Vacation Homes earn 25% more in their first year. We build your online profile, set the right price and market your home better than anyone else.

Rent with ease. Owning a second home should not be your second job. We make it simple, from permitting to filing and paying taxes to filling your calendar

Best service here

Why short-term today?

New market tendencies shows that the Short -term model of renting became more actual compare to  traditional long-term market due to flexibility which tenants and owners have during letting holiday home apartment.

House use. Owners can occupy the property for self use, or to their friends and families unlimited time, free of charge.

Flexibility. Owner can sell, rent the property as well as showing the property to potential investors and terminate the agreement at any given time after serving the agreed notice period.

Higher Income. Property owner can generate from up to 30% income more than rental value. No long-term obligations with tenants, guaranteed property upkeep day to day.

We care about You

"You have business dreams. We have dream business”

 Monthly statement with full reservation details and income transfer and daily property pricing Apartment set up to standards and professional photoshootings 

Registration and licensing with DTCM and full property management contract

Owner access to property management system Housekeeping and maintenance service

We will thoroughly analyze prospective guests who will be staying in your accommodation. Scanning and listing profile on Airbnb, and other platforms

Client's Reviews

“I found for myself the best way of investment. I don't need to care about anything as Luton Vacation Homes manage my property from A to Z, this is keep my time”
“The reason why i choose Luton Vacation Homes was the fast respond., prompt and responsible approach to work.”
“I am with Luton Vacation Homes already 2 years. The short-term renting the best solution for your property with stable monthly income”

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